très chic - live house music

live background music on the edge: chillout music performed by a live band - that is très chic

background music

Our music: it is new. Fresh music for sophisticated events. Tired of hearing the same tunes every business event you go to? - offer YOUR guests something new - live music performed by très chic - it is a highly welcomed difference to all the jazz cover bands out there each and every guest knows very well.

chillout music

Live chillout music for special occations and stylish business events like corporate events, incentives, grand openings, conventions and more ...

dance music

People like to move their feet - and we like to move people's feet. A perfect symbiosis! Beside business events très chic is also available for bookings for special venues in modern clubs etc. As a venue act we perform live house music live on stage. More interactively then a DJ would and of course with much more stage presence.

funky house - soul house - live!

Dance, dance, dance, .. inspired by the 70s and current house producers our dance music really moves feet.

After the first hook line - everybody find a spot on the dancefloor. Because our music is moving!

Partner: Live-Musik aus Österreich | Musik für die Hochzeit
chillout music live music dance music house band Live band without a DJ musical styles: funky house soul House lounge music many 70s disco influences keyboards guitars vocals synthesizer effects - electronic live music for corporate events Incentives venues galas and conventions - electronic live band performing in all around Europe (including Austria, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia...)